Vegito, Powers Combined [BT6-036]

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Set: Destroyer Kings
Era: Majin Buu Saga
Rarity: Common
Game character: Vegito
Color: Blue
Energy color cost: 3(BB)
Card type: Battle
Power: 20000
Combo power: 5000
[Union-Potara] (1) : "Son Goku" and "Vegeta" (Place this card in Active Mode on top of the 2 specified cards stacked together.)
[Auto] When you play this card, draw 1 card, and if this card was played using [Union], draw 1 more card.
[Activate: Main] (2) : Choose up to 1 "Vegito" card other than "Vegito, Powers Combined" with an energy cost less than or equal to your current energy from your Energy Area and play it. If you played a card, add this card to your energy in Rest Mode.