Twin Onslaught SS4 Son Goku (SPR) [BT5-055]

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Set: Miraculous Revival
Era: Super 17 Saga
Rarity: Special Rare
Game character: Son Goku: GT
Color: Green
Energy color cost: 5(GGG)
Card type: Battle
Power: 25000
Combo energy: 1
Combo power: 10000
[Double Strike]
[Auto] [Burst 5] (You must place the top 5 cards of your deck in your Drop Area to activate this skill.) When you play this card, if your Leader Card is a green "Shenron" card, choose all of your opponent's Battle Cards and KO them. If there are still Battle Cards remaining in your opponent's Battle Area, choose all of them ignoring [Barrier] and negate their skills for the duration of the turn, and this card gains [Dual Attack] for the duration of the turn.