SS Gogeta, All-Out Assault [EX08-04]

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Set: Expansion Deck Box Set 08: Magnificent Collection - Broly Version
Era: DBS: Broly saga
Rarity: Expansion Rare
Game character: Gogeta: Br
Color: Blue;Red
Energy color cost: 6(RRBB)
Card type: Battle
Power: 25000
Combo energy: 1
Combo power: 10000
[Activate:Main] RB(3), if your Leader Card is a blue "Gogeta: Br" card and you have at least 1 red "Son Goku: Br" card and 1 red "Vegeta: Br" card in your Drop Area, choose all red "Son Goku: Br" and "Vegeta: Br" cards in your Drop Area and shuffle them into your deck: Play this card from your hand.
[Auto] At the end of your turn, place up to 2 cards from the top of your deck in your energy, then negate this skill for the duration of the game.