Raditz, Saiyan-In-Arms (SPR) [BT7-051]

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Set: Assault of the Saiyans
Era: Saiyan Saga
Rarity: Special Rare
Game character: Raditz
Color: Green
Energy color cost: 1(G)
Card type: Battle
Power: 4000
Combo power: 5000
[Auto] When you play this card, draw 1 card.
[Activate:Main] RG, place this card in its owner's Drop Area : If your Leader Card is a green Saiyan card, choose up to 1 "Vegeta" card and 1 "Nappa" card with energy costs of 2 or less and 10000 power from your deck, send them to your Warp, then shuffle your deck. At the start of your next Main Phase, play all the cards sent to the Warp by this skill in your Battle Area.