Newfound Power Porunga [TB3-066]

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Set: Clash of Fates
Era: Special
Rarity: Super Rare
Game character: Porunga
Color: Black
Energy color cost: 3(-)
Card type: Battle
Power: 20000
Combo power: 5000
[Permanent] This card can't attack.
[Activate:Main] Switch this card to Rest Mode : If your Leader Card is a black "Shenron" card, choose one-
• Draw 2 cards.
• Choose 1 of your Battle Cards, and it gets +10000 power until the end of your opponent's next turn.
• Choose 1 of your and your opponent's Battle Cards ignoring [Barrier]. Then choose the rest of your and your opponent's cards in the Battle Area ignoring [Barrier] and shuffle them into their owners' decks.