Newfound Power Porunga (SPR) [TB3-066_SPR]

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Set: Clash of Fates
Era: Special
Rarity: Special Rare
Game character: Porunga
Color: Black
Energy color cost: 3(-)
Card type: Battle
Power: 20000
Combo power: 5000
[Permanent] This card can't attack.
[Activate: Main] Switch this card to Rest Mode : If your Leader Card is a black "Shenron" card, choose one-
• Draw 2 cards.
• Choose 1 of your Battle Cards, and it gets +10000 power until the end of your opponent's next turn.
• Choose 1 of your and your opponent's Battle Cards ignoring Barrier. Then choose the rest of your and your opponent's cards in the Battle Area ignoring Barrier and shuffle them into their owners' decks.